Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What would it matter?

So, if the blue sky never came home, would we still be happy?
I know I would,
and if the stars never revealed their diamond souls?
and the sun was covered in shadows?
What would it matter,
When you are the one that stills my mind,
the one that reaches out when I'm falling behind...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleeping sickness

I've become,
a simple souvenir of someones kill,
like the sea, I'm constantly changing from calm to ill,
Madness fills my heart and soul, as if the great divide could swallow me whole...
Some one come, someone come and save my life,
Maybe I'll sleep when I am dead..

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I think we have an emergency,
I think we have an emergency,
If you thought I'd leave, then you were wrong,
I won't stop holding on,

So are you listening?
So are you watching me?
If you thought I'd leave, then you were wrong,
I won't stop holding on,

This is an emergency,
So are you listening?
I can't pretend I don't see this,

It's really not your fault,
that no one cares to talk about it,
To talk about it...

Cause' I've seen love die way too many times,
When it deserved to be alive,
I've seen you cry way too many times,
When you deserved to be alive...

So you give up every chance you get, just to feel new again...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, tell me how you feel,
You'll need to speak up, I am a little too far away,
But no one said you needed to be close for me to help you,
No one said I couldn't hold your hand,

I could be your no one, I could be your anyone,
I could be anything you need me to be,
I just don't want to live this life all alone,
No , I don't want to pretend I don't miss you in the middle of the night,
You are my morning that threatens my night, and my light house that guides me home so bright,
So darling, please let me take your hand, and I will be whatever you need me to be,
I will take away the pain, I will carry it all by myself, just please don't loosen your grip on me..

When I am not with you, I am frozen in time , You pressed play on my paused life and I never want to rewind, No, I never want to rewind...

I want to feel that breeze through my hair once again, and I want it to be your smile I smile at, I will carry it all honey, I swear I will carry it all... Just don't press rewind, Oh please, don't press rewind....

Nothing in the past has ever compared to this, and nothing in my future ever will, So let's sit together and watch this movie play, Let's watch the bits that make us smile and hold each other at the bits that make us cry, Just stay with me awhile, and don't press rewind....

Monday, November 15, 2010

I couldn't catch myself

I tried,
I tried to stop myself,
I tried to catch myself,
Nothing could prevent me from falling....

Call me guilty, take away my freedom,
I don't care about the punishment,
Just take me to him....

I didn't,
I couldn't try,
I won't ever try,
To not love him, not for one moment in my life...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Midnight forest

The frost biting at my finger tips,
as I gaze up at the tree tops with watery eyes,
I breathe in the cold ice-stricken air, my lungs feel alive, my heart beats slower,
I know I should be scared, but for one moment in my life, I'm not,
I feel the wings growing upon my back, I feel like nothing could ever be wrong,
All the worries that once plagued my mind, are frozen in time,
I become very aware that everything around me is alive, brimming with beauty,
I become aware that my life is very small,
I can hear the leaves dancing, and the crunchy ground under my feet,

I know you aren't here, but I can feel you as I breathe,
I can feel your hand warming the coldness of mine,
I can see you in the beauty that the surrounds me....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The sun refused to shine..

And all the guests were guessing there,
Fake tender smiles blinded many a doubtful eye,
it's almost too much to bear,
give a careless rose a thorn for her to needle all her life...

The sun refused to shine,
Oh, the sun, it refused to shine...

Oh the one you chose was wrong,
he will only brush away and paint your dreams all blue,
I know it won't be long,
a bridal flower crushed 'neath his unloving shoe...

The sun refused to shine,
Oh, the sun, it refused to shine...

You hold the lies you sold yourself,
still you clutch an ancient life, a holy fragment of the truth,
there's a burning need for the wealth,
of a settled life to calm the spirit of an unsettled youth...

The sun refused to shine,
Oh, the sun, it refused to shine......

Tuesday troubles...

Today, I see this town, blanketed with snow,
Lullabies circling over head,
But silence echoes throughout the alley ways,
This town is empty tonight,
The ones who are alive have already left, they ran far, far away,
They ran to a place where the sun beams down,
They ran to a place where jewels constantly rest in the night sky,
They ran and ran until they could no longer see,
til they could no longer see this town I'm in...


How can all of the memories that once empowered me now knock me down...
How come all the dreams I had are now filled with black...
How can all of the days I felt like a queen have left me without a crown...
How come ambition has turned its back....

Tell me, how I have lost my power?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here's looking at you kid...

I just found this Piece the other day, I remember hearing the song "Here's looking at you kid" by The Gaslight Anthem.... there is a line
"And sometimes girls have those eyes that'll cut you to ribbons sometimes"
I just got an image and had to put it on paper!

How do you know you are alive?

Well, I always post poems on here so I thought I would do something different instead!

Today, I woke up so happy, as I always do these days... Nothing seems to get me down anymore. Anger and stress seem silly on the big scale of things, don't they? I mean, we go from day to day stressing and moaning, when there is always something to smile for. Whether it be the laughter of your child, or a funny picture (Like the mini-cow I saw the other day!!) or a song you love, whether it be seeing a plant reaching out towards the light a little bit more, or seeing a butterfly pearched upon your window, Just learn to smile.

The question arose the other day "How do you know you are alive?".... Of course, the fact that you breathe and swallow and move is proof enough, but how do you really know you are alive, your soul is alive? When you have something to live for, when someone or something is relying on you for life or happiness...... Find your something to live for...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pull me through time

He pulls me through time, He makes me forget all the haunted memories that ever once darkened my mind. He takes all the pain and cures me with his laughter, turns all the battered pages, on to the next chapter. I lay in snowfall, tracing his steps from my house to his door, watching the imprints he leaves where ever he goes... for he is beauty, he is what the sun and sky strive to be. So please, my darling, keep pulling me through time, keep holding my hand in these dark waters until we reach the stars.... Because one day my love, we will sit upon the moon, looking down on our paths, we will be there soon....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That spark

Thought I could escape you,
but that thought it out of reach,
I feel my eyes on fire,
as they catch alight of yours,
The spark that sets my mind ablaze,
the spark that I adore....

Draw the curtains

Comets and little dancers,
hiding behind red curtains,
never to be drawn,

My mind overflowing,
with beautiful costumes,
never to be worn,

behind these eyes,
stars and moonbeams,
waiting to be born,

Blanket black sky,
encasing itself,
forever warm,

my tired eyes,
dive into you,
far down into you.

Reassure me with your silence

When you're with me,
silence is the most reassuring sound,
your arms encase me like stone,
so strong as I drape my body over yours,
I feel so safe, strangely, I feel so free,
as your inner strength captures me,
and your body holds me still,
even though I would lay there upon my own will...

I will keep on going

You can be the sail,
ever flowing,
I'll be the waves,
ever growing,
You can be the captain,
always knowing,
I'll be your treasure,
forever glowing....

Drowning in your sorrow

Striving for disaster,
looking for one to follow,
conquered by ordeals we can master,
until our bodies are hollow,

Fall upon our knees,
when trauma truly bites,
car crashes are what we aspire to be,
Clip your seat belts tight,

Waiting forever for tomorrow,
one day you will step in dark water,
with pure intentions but drown in your sorrow...

For you....

This love for you plays in my mind,
like a loop of madness,
the closest to insanity that I have ever been,
Yet the sanest I have ever felt,
Suddenly, everything I own reminds me of you,
You're standing in the background of every vision in my head,
You're the beginning, middle and end of each moment in my life,
The earth feels so warm when I know you're here,
One glance at your smile and joy is building shelter inside of me,
when you're holding me,
I feel like I am watching everything from space,
everything feels so surreal,
even this smile growing on my face,
That look in your eye,
like a magic trick that makes the world disappear,
I'm anxious that you'll click your fingers,
But yet you are still waiting here...


Crystal tear drops,
falling from those ever-bright eyes,
Questioning the world,
asking why she cries,
Her friends don't weep,
they laugh with the love in their hearts,
she waits patiently sitting in her rocking chair,
witnessing her family fall apart,
what's a girl to do?
prancing elegantly in her ballet dress,
watching herself in the mirror,
no one else to impress,

"God, When I scream, why does nobody hear me?
When I cry, why does no one answer my call?
Why does no one notice my plea?
Or pick me up when I fall?"

Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

He didn't know what he had,
until all her love was gone,
he didn't see how he owned her heart, or how bright her eyes shone,

He didn't miss the warmth of her hand,
until she drifted away,
He didn't see the meaning of his wedding band,
until that very day,

I didn't smile with the sincerity she had,
Her never ending love and care,
Now he cries with sincerity and part of me is glad.

This is where the black crows gather

This is where the black crows gather,
Slowly eating away,
they spread their wings to frighten me,
I think these crows are here to stay,

Here he is perched upon my shoulder,
weighing me down until I fall,
whispering "She won't listen to what we told her",
watching on as I try to stand tall,

Come and join us black crows,
let me perch upon your grave,
I do not forgive all your sorrows,
As it's not you I want to save.