Friday, October 22, 2010

Midnight forest

The frost biting at my finger tips,
as I gaze up at the tree tops with watery eyes,
I breathe in the cold ice-stricken air, my lungs feel alive, my heart beats slower,
I know I should be scared, but for one moment in my life, I'm not,
I feel the wings growing upon my back, I feel like nothing could ever be wrong,
All the worries that once plagued my mind, are frozen in time,
I become very aware that everything around me is alive, brimming with beauty,
I become aware that my life is very small,
I can hear the leaves dancing, and the crunchy ground under my feet,

I know you aren't here, but I can feel you as I breathe,
I can feel your hand warming the coldness of mine,
I can see you in the beauty that the surrounds me....