Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That spark

Thought I could escape you,
but that thought it out of reach,
I feel my eyes on fire,
as they catch alight of yours,
The spark that sets my mind ablaze,
the spark that I adore....

Draw the curtains

Comets and little dancers,
hiding behind red curtains,
never to be drawn,

My mind overflowing,
with beautiful costumes,
never to be worn,

behind these eyes,
stars and moonbeams,
waiting to be born,

Blanket black sky,
encasing itself,
forever warm,

my tired eyes,
dive into you,
far down into you.

Reassure me with your silence

When you're with me,
silence is the most reassuring sound,
your arms encase me like stone,
so strong as I drape my body over yours,
I feel so safe, strangely, I feel so free,
as your inner strength captures me,
and your body holds me still,
even though I would lay there upon my own will...

I will keep on going

You can be the sail,
ever flowing,
I'll be the waves,
ever growing,
You can be the captain,
always knowing,
I'll be your treasure,
forever glowing....

Drowning in your sorrow

Striving for disaster,
looking for one to follow,
conquered by ordeals we can master,
until our bodies are hollow,

Fall upon our knees,
when trauma truly bites,
car crashes are what we aspire to be,
Clip your seat belts tight,

Waiting forever for tomorrow,
one day you will step in dark water,
with pure intentions but drown in your sorrow...

For you....

This love for you plays in my mind,
like a loop of madness,
the closest to insanity that I have ever been,
Yet the sanest I have ever felt,
Suddenly, everything I own reminds me of you,
You're standing in the background of every vision in my head,
You're the beginning, middle and end of each moment in my life,
The earth feels so warm when I know you're here,
One glance at your smile and joy is building shelter inside of me,
when you're holding me,
I feel like I am watching everything from space,
everything feels so surreal,
even this smile growing on my face,
That look in your eye,
like a magic trick that makes the world disappear,
I'm anxious that you'll click your fingers,
But yet you are still waiting here...


Crystal tear drops,
falling from those ever-bright eyes,
Questioning the world,
asking why she cries,
Her friends don't weep,
they laugh with the love in their hearts,
she waits patiently sitting in her rocking chair,
witnessing her family fall apart,
what's a girl to do?
prancing elegantly in her ballet dress,
watching herself in the mirror,
no one else to impress,

"God, When I scream, why does nobody hear me?
When I cry, why does no one answer my call?
Why does no one notice my plea?
Or pick me up when I fall?"

Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

He didn't know what he had,
until all her love was gone,
he didn't see how he owned her heart, or how bright her eyes shone,

He didn't miss the warmth of her hand,
until she drifted away,
He didn't see the meaning of his wedding band,
until that very day,

I didn't smile with the sincerity she had,
Her never ending love and care,
Now he cries with sincerity and part of me is glad.

This is where the black crows gather

This is where the black crows gather,
Slowly eating away,
they spread their wings to frighten me,
I think these crows are here to stay,

Here he is perched upon my shoulder,
weighing me down until I fall,
whispering "She won't listen to what we told her",
watching on as I try to stand tall,

Come and join us black crows,
let me perch upon your grave,
I do not forgive all your sorrows,
As it's not you I want to save.