Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For you....

This love for you plays in my mind,
like a loop of madness,
the closest to insanity that I have ever been,
Yet the sanest I have ever felt,
Suddenly, everything I own reminds me of you,
You're standing in the background of every vision in my head,
You're the beginning, middle and end of each moment in my life,
The earth feels so warm when I know you're here,
One glance at your smile and joy is building shelter inside of me,
when you're holding me,
I feel like I am watching everything from space,
everything feels so surreal,
even this smile growing on my face,
That look in your eye,
like a magic trick that makes the world disappear,
I'm anxious that you'll click your fingers,
But yet you are still waiting here...

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