Friday, September 17, 2010

How do you know you are alive?

Well, I always post poems on here so I thought I would do something different instead!

Today, I woke up so happy, as I always do these days... Nothing seems to get me down anymore. Anger and stress seem silly on the big scale of things, don't they? I mean, we go from day to day stressing and moaning, when there is always something to smile for. Whether it be the laughter of your child, or a funny picture (Like the mini-cow I saw the other day!!) or a song you love, whether it be seeing a plant reaching out towards the light a little bit more, or seeing a butterfly pearched upon your window, Just learn to smile.

The question arose the other day "How do you know you are alive?".... Of course, the fact that you breathe and swallow and move is proof enough, but how do you really know you are alive, your soul is alive? When you have something to live for, when someone or something is relying on you for life or happiness...... Find your something to live for...

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