Friday, March 4, 2011

Rocking Your World Friday!!

Hi everybody!!!

I looked at the calender, couldn't believe it was the end of the week already!!! Nearly forgot to do my Rocking your world Friday post! So, here goes...

I have been enjoying the lovely weather here for the last few days, it has been so sunny and bright out. I have had the two puppies out playing, I think they enjoyed it even more than me! Here is a picture of me and Milly! Molly wouldn't stay still... hehe!

I am grateful I can finally plan my move to the UK now I have received dates for my exams! The 29th is my last exam, little bit later than I had hoped, but hey, it's something!! So I am packing all my things up and trying to find a job over there! I was looking around online, there is a job in a Candystore that I would love so much.... I suppose I should look for something in Make-Up artistry after spending months working for it.. LOL!

I am loving the Zelda books John got for me, I have "The ocarina of time" and "Majora's Mask", they are amazing! The artwork in it just blows my mind. I have loved The legend of Zelda since I was little, I used to watch my brothers play it. I would sit on my mum's clothes horse and pretend I was the main character, Link!

I am am loving cleaning at the moment, my room looks great now I have got rid of loads of crap! No more clutter! Although, my carpet is a complete mess, whoops!! hehe!

I haven't got too much to write about this week, I am not really doing much, hopefully in a few weeks, my list will be super long!!!! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend/week!!!!! See you all next week!


  1. Sounds like you had a great week..must have been if you're "enjoying" cleaning..not two words that I would put together in a!
    Hope the weekend and next week are as good for you.
    Loving the pic of you and Milly.
    Hugs xx

  2. Love your Rocking Your World - cleaning - mmm not my favourite hobby if I'm honest but I do like a good spring clean sometimes - so maybe I'll be joining you soon - need some blue sky days first!

  3. Beautiful picture of you and Milly!

    Count down to the big move, eh? Exciting times ahead. Good luck with the job hunting, but I don't think there's much around right now:0(

    Happy reading and cleaning (happy CLEANING???!!!).


  4. We can't wait to have a new roomie!!!

    Love ReD, Bella, Sookie and Ellie