Friday, March 11, 2011

Rocking Your World Friday!!

Hi everyone!!! Friday again, here is my liccle list of gratefuls!!

I am so grateful to be safe, after hearing about the disaster in Japan, it makes you feel so grateful to be safe and sound. It is horrendous to think what the people must be going through there. I think we should all take a minute to think about them and think about how lucky we are to have our homes and our families. The world can be a cruel place sometimes, so we should all count our blessings!!!

I am really grateful for my brother Sean leaving his Friends box set behind, it has kept me busy for the last few weeks!! hehhe! I have watched so much of it now, I feel like I know all the cast personally!!

I love the fact that dad went a bought me my hair dye today, he managed to get me the right one as well! He is a big girl really!! Lol!

I am NOT loving this weather, it has been raining not stop today and the poor doggies have been stuck inside all day! Though I have kept smiling, the sun better come out soon!!

I am grateful to have John, I know I always say it, but I am grateful everyday!! He always gives me giggles and makes me smile. I get to see him next week!! Yayyyy!!! So looking forward to it! I am so happy I am moving over soon, this long run is over soon and I get to see him all the time!!!

I am so lucky to have everything I own! I never say I am grateful for it, but I don't know what I would do without my Make-up, my bed, my clothes!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend/ week!!!

x x x x x


  1. Hi Sweetie - I agree on being ultra grateful for what we have and for take a moment to think of those whose lives have changed forever in the last 24 hours!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend and will keep my fingers crossed that the sun comes out for you!



  2. Yes, the sun makes such a difference doesn't it? I hope you have some very soon!

    Great brother, well trained Dad, lovely fella - you're a lucky girl Fiona.

    Sweet post today, and yes, the events in Japan (and in fact world wide recently) really make you grateful for the everyday stuff that makes up life.

    Have a lovely weekend,


  3. We have rarely had the news off the last few days - it's awful and has certainly stopped me moaning about our weather for a bit.

    Lovely list there this week - I never think to be grateful for my bed but blimey - I don't half love it! :D