Thursday, March 24, 2011

Somewhere called home..

I always seemed so far away from home,
With the water dripping off my fingertips,
Nothing seemed near, everything took so long,
But I remember seeing you on the horizon,
Flowers and somewhere to belong,
With your arms open wide,
You seemed in arms length, but I couldn't touch you,
All those dreams of your hand in mine,
Don't seem so unrealistic now....

Now that you are here....
Now that the horizon seems so near...
I will never let this go,
No matter how hard that rain falls down, or how deep I sink,
These fireworks just never stop going off,
The sky is a constant array of light,
Just because I know you are here....

I feel like a boat in your ocean,
without any maps,
Completely lost in content,
You will always be who you are to me...
and you will always know who I am...

You always told me that the world would right itself,
and everything has fallen in to place,
That life would work out,
If you could just see my face...

Stay with me,
Just stay with me,
I never thought I could be this way...

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