Saturday, January 8, 2011

I got a Blog Award!!

I popped on to my Blog this morning and saw that the lovely Virginia had passed on one of her four blog awards to me!! It put me in a great mood! So, I guess it is time for the list... 8 things about me.

1. I change my hair far too much, I have had it Blonde, brown, lilac, red, brown with blonde, blonde with red, Black with pink, Ginger.....and finally, I have settled with Black!

2. I have 8 tattoo's, which usually shocks people because you can only see about 2 of them! I have both feet tattooed, hip, back of neck, wrist, ribs, stomach and elbows!

3. The smell of Garlic and Onions frying is one of my favourite smells, even though I really do not like onions!

4. I used to do Irish dancing, I competed in shows (Feis) and one time, I came 2nd, meaning I would win a massive trophy. I was stood in the line and then the judge said he had calculated the results wrong, I had actually come 3rd.... No trophy for Fiona!!!

5. I have never known what I wanted to do, when I finished my exams I went through soooooo many different career ideas! Fashion designer, artist, veterinary nurse, retail manager, marine biologist, occupational therapist, psychologist.... you name it, I have considered it!! However, I finally settled on Make-Up artist! I am loving it!

6. I am ridiculously impatient and impulsive. I am trying to curb my impatience, mainly because it drives me crazy when I am trying to paint/make things! However, I love my impulsivity, it makes for an exciting life!!

7. I love Black and white photography/ paintings. Even with Tattoos, I have colour in two of them, even then it is a very small amount!

8. I have a very, very strange obsession with "The Legend of Zelda". It is like my imagination in a game. When I die, I would like to end up in Hyrule... My God, I am such a nerd!!!

So to pass my awards on, I was going to give Virginia another one, however, I think making her write another list would be a little bit cruel!! So, the awards go to....

Ahhh, bugger it, I know she already got an award, but her Blog is amazing!! You don't have to write another list though!!

Happy Saturday everybody!!!

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