Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rocking your world Friday!

Someone needs to show me how to get Virginia's "Rocking your world Friday" button on this thing!! he he!

Well, it is 4 in the morning (Friday morning) and I can't get to sleep... So I thought I would write my post.

This week, I am going to be looking to the little things, because they are what have kept me going. Firstly, I am grateful for my dogs, I know I have mentioned them before, but their faces really do brighten up my day. You can be in the worst of moods and Milly's little face (and the little dance she does!) take it all away for a few minutes.

I am grateful for my Grandma, it was her Birthday yesterday and even though she has passed, I know she is still around. I made her a Birthday cake, it was a love heart shaped sponge cake with jam and icing, was quite yummy if I say so myself... So, I hope you enjoyed Grandma!! I love you more and more each day... Happy Birthday.

I am finding it a little hard this week, but I will continue!!!! I am grateful for Art. I love looking at all different kinds of art, it really inspires me and makes me want to be better.

I am grateful for the knowledge that things will get better. No matter how hard things get, there is only one way to go and that is up. So, up we go!!!!

I am grateful for the hat my brothers' girlfriend (Emer) bought me. It is so cute and warm. I just had to post a picture!!

I am hoping next week will bring much better things, though, I am grateful I got the chance to live this week, because after all, life is something we should be grateful for everyday, no matter how good or bad your week has been.

Sorry if that post was a little depressing!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and has a beautiful weekend ahead! Love to all!

Fi x x x x


  1. Fiona that wasn't depressing, you celebrated a birthday even though your Grandma has passed away and in doing so have felt closer to her which I think is lovely! I adore the hat it looks lovely! I'm sorry you've had a tough week but one of the reasons I started "Rocking your world" was because people can 'write off' a week saying it's been lousy - when in fact there must be something in amongst the week that made them smile or feel slightly lighter in the heart, so when you're having a tough week the idea is that you find those little things that have made those differences! I'm hoping that you're now getting some well deserved shut eye - because being awake at 4am is no fun! Hope you have a great weekend


  2. Loving the hat - it looks so cosy.
    I like your gratefuls - hopefully sitting and reflecting at the end of a bad week has helped you - I know it helps me.
    Sue xx
    p.s. doggy hugs to you dogs from Max. xx

  3. Fab hat!! It looks fantastic on you!

    Well done for managing to make a list of gratefuls at the end of what has clearly been a difficult week for you. And yes, things always get better.

    Hope you get some sleep - things always look better after some much needed rest.