Friday, January 21, 2011

Rocking your world Friday!

Friday again!!! I am getting nervous with these weeks flying by, I am moving country in a couple of weeks! eeekkk!!

Right! Things I am feeling positive about/ grateful for this week:

I am grateful Red and Dan arrived here safely on Wednesday, they flew over from England to spend Christmas two with us! (Christmas 2 is exactly what it says on the tin, a second christmas for friends who are practically family! We leave the tree up and exchange presents!) I can't wait for it, the party is tomorrow night!!!

I am also grateful to Red for letting me do her make-up and being so patient whilst I stuck jewels to her face.. lol! She rocked it, well, why wouldn't she, she is gorgeous!! Also, thanks to Michelle Campion for letting me do Era make up on her, I tell you, if you thought Marilyn Monroe was beautiful, wait till you see this girl!! I have the base of my portfolio done now, I just have to put it together!

I am loving my new hair cut (Half the side of my head is pretty much shaved... sounds crazy but looks great!)

I am grateful for Tea.... Yes, tea... It is so nice to come in out of the cold and have a nice cuppa!!! Love it!

I was in College last monday, and a Chanel artist was in, Dave, and he told me a I was "A pale beauty with fabulous eyelashes!" Which really made my day! Also, he complimented my eye make up!

I am grateful for John, He really brightens up my days, always there to make me giggle and smile. I am so lucky to know someone who knows me better than I know myself. He is just wonderful and I thank whoever is up there everyday for him! He rocks my whole week.... my whole life!

I QUIT MY JOB! The job I hated..... ... Yes, I may be unemployed, but dammit, I am happy!!!

And Oh my lord..... My favourite band "In flames" have been announced to play in the UK this year!!! I nearly had a heart attack when I found out!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week... and has a lovely weekend ahead!!! Take care!

Fi   x x x x x x x


  1. Sounds like a superb week, Katie! Lots of great positives. And Dave might be a Chanel artist but we could all have told you that you're 'a pale beauty with fabulous eyelashes!'

    John sounds like a star.

    Enjoy your Christmas 2 party!


  2. Hi Fiona

    Christmas 2 sounds fabulous - hope it's awesome! Your Rocking List is fabulous I'm loving it! Love the new hair style - John did mention it to me - it looks great! Glad you got some more of your portfolio done and hurray for friends who let you do their make up!

    Fabulous stuff!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend



  3. Fabulous list! Love the new hairstyle.
    Have a wonderful Christmas 2.
    Well done on leaving your job if it was making you unhappy.
    Sue xx

  4. What a fabulous Rocking list. I'm with you all the way on the tea. Had to fast for 14 hours this week and the nurse after she took my bloods said "you can go eat something now" I was all "stuff that - show me the kettle!"

    You are indeed gorgeous and I totally envy your pale skin. My sister is the same. I wish I had it but tan just by looking out the window. Grr.