Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'll see you when I see you...

I woke softly,
To her eyes and her arms,
I know she couldn't have loved me more,
She did anyway,
I left the puzzle unfinished,
That last little piece wandering in the night,
Somewhere to be found,
She found it,
Sitting at the end of my bed,
Holding a little jagged picture of the sun setting upon a down day,
She reached out, my hand hardly having to move to touch her,
Closer than she had been before,
More understanding that I could have ever understood,
Her voice was gentle and her eyes full with the beauty of a million shooting stars,
So, she said...
"Honey, the last piece to your puzzle, you left it behind.....
I thought I would bring it back, to give you peace of mind."

"But why would you come back after I never said a word?...
After all the things I wished you'd heard?"

"Darling, words don't mean a thing to me....
you've become everything I knew you'd be....."

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